Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a week- Thank you, Mike

Blair, our working student and professional in training, leaves in two days to attend a Jeff Moore seminar at Osierlea, on bio-mechanics of horse and rider, the psychology of training and challenges of motor skills learning.  Blair is an accomplished young rider; this course will help her develop more skills for training and teaching.  She is also riding monthly with well known top level trainer Henk Glijn from British Columiba.  In the April clinic she will ride her own PSG horse Ravel and Ramzes SF.

While I sit here writing, we are have the MOST AMAZING storm - thunder, lightning, hail, and rain are slamming down! The horses are all safely in the barn. Including the new quarter horse foal born last night.  Thank goodness the owner sent the mare to us to foal out as the foal was presented upside-down and backwards. Cannot thank Mike enough; his years of experience saved the foal and the mare.  Both are doing quite well, and we can breath a great sigh of relief.

As you know I have some horses in Germany. Everything is in flux.  My yearling filly will be moving to Heinrich Heemke's for raising as Gudrun is cutting back on outside clients - too much work with 30 horses.  The two years old colt will either go to Heemke's for another year on the pasture, or Han-Henning von der Decken or Stefan Blanken to prepare for stallion selection.  The 3 years old filly will go the Verden Riding and Driving School to be backed and then to Rainer Schmerglatt's to be trained as a hunter.

Finally, I'm now working part-time for a manufacturing firm as a project/operations manager.  And I'm enjoying it.  Not sure I needed more work to do, but it's refreshing to be talking about something new.  Haven't worked in corporate America for a really long time ;-)

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this blog. I'm enjoying it tremendously. I would love to hear more about your filly's experience at Verden's Riding and Driving School. My three year old is working with a local trainer here in a northern California and I'm curious about how this very prestigious German school prepares their youngsters.